Injection Therapy

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Longevity Injection Therapy

Feel Youthful!
Choose to feel like you did in your 20’s again! This injection is essential to maintain your own “fountain of youth” for your physical health.

Clear Skin Boost - Injection Therapy

Get Clear!
Fight the good fight for clear skin! Medical research shows the effectiveness of vitamin C in improving global assessment skin score. Experience 100% absorption and “glowing” skin with this injection. | Disclaimer: This injection is intended to supplement your current dermatologist recommended skin cleaning regiment.

B12 Shot

Get Alert!
Tell caffeine to hit the curb with this injection! Complex B vitamins are well known for giving a boost of energy and increase your metabolism. Why not just take an oral supplement? Our injection is a direct deposit into your bloodstream, allowing for higher doses of B12 at 100% absorption.

Anti-Stress Injection Therapy

Get Peace!
This injection is designed to mellow out your nervous system and give you the little extra help processing your list of to-dos.

Happy Shot

Get Elevated!
Boost your mood with this injection! It helps your brain produce more “happy neurotransmitters” like serotonin and dopamine due to the B vitamins included.

Antioxidant Refresh Shot

Get Detoxed!
Put this “superhero” antioxidant to work for you! Glutathione stabilizes your body and cleans it of harmful toxins. It also helps regulate your immune system, protect collagen in the skin, maintain GI health and preserve memory.

Custom Shot

Get Customized!
Injection therapy can be your answer to a busy schedule. We combine our proprietary blends of vitamins and medications to help improve an array of symptoms.

Skinny Shot Program

Get Off That Last Few!
Help your metabolism help you with an all natural, no stimulant boost. Our program is designed to work alongside your current workout regimen. It contains lipotropic “fat loving” amino acids to help your shed those last few pounds. | Disclaimer: This program is not intended for those patients looking for major weight loss. Remember, there is no safe pill; fad diet or shot that will help you obtain your goal weight like proper diet and exercise can.

Pain/ No More Nausea Shot

Get Quick Relief!
Skip the emergency room for quick relief! Our Pain Shot is a combination of anti-inflammatory and non-narcotic pain medicine Toradol. Our No More Nausea Shot is a medicine injection of high-dose anti-nausea routinely used in the operating room to combat post-operative nausea.