IV Therapy

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Skin Health - Hydration Therapy

Get Glowing!
Hydrate your skin from the inside out! This high dose vitamin C helps dry skin on the cellular level and promotes synthesis of lipids to keep water in. We also added a proprietary blend of vitamins, including anti-inflammatory nutrients, to aid in removing toxic build up leading to breakouts.

Hydration Refresh - Hydration Therapy

Get Hydrated!
Find out what it’s like to be truly hydrated! Water is the most important nutrient your body needs, and yet, the most overlooked. Adequate hydration can help with: chronic fatigue, proper digestion, headaches/migraines, skin elasticity, immune support, heart health and weight loss. By infusing the fluid directly into your bloodstream, we can naturally refresh you to look and feel good.

Immune Support

Get Your Shield On!
Includes: 1 liter of balanced electrolyte fluid, mega-dose of our proprietary blend of vitamin C and zinc, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins. | Protect yourself with an immunity shield! Oral supplements sometimes are just not enough during times of high stress or seasonally. Receiving our IV therapy allows us to give you doses 20x more potent than that of oral products. It also lasts within the body for 2-3 days with minimal side effects.

Energy Boost

Get Alert!
Prevent that 4 P.M. energy crash! Whether it’s a long workweek, a big deadline approaching or your to-do list just keeps getting longer, this IV therapy is custom dosed to give you energy and alertness for days. The combination of vitamins included also helps kick star your metabolism and endurance during the day. As a result you’ll stat having a more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and renewed!

Cold and Flu IV Hydration Remedy

Get Well Soon!
We fight your cold and flu for you! Even with a low-grade fever, a person will require more water and oxygen than normal to complete basic metabolic processes. Chicken soup and drinking plenty of fluids might not be enough. That’s where IV hydration comes in. You’ll receive a days worth of drinking fluid in just under 30 minutes, combined with our long-lasting medication to alleviate your aches and pains. In addition, our blend of antioxidants and vitamin C are included to help boost your immune system and calm the negative side effects of inflammation.

Migraine Therapy

Soothe Your Suffering!
Receive the same therapy you'd receive in the ER, with the bonus of essential B vitamins that improve associated fatigue and nausea.


Get To Work!
Up your energy and lower your stress for the full days ahead! This IV therapy includes 2 liters of fluid to get you into a state of hyper-hydration to prepare for long days of business meetings and networking functions. You’ll receive energy and alertness for up to 3 days from our blend of B vitamins and a special blend of proprietary vitamins to manage stress.

Hangover Detox

Get Out Of Bed!
Make your hangover one more thing to forget! We’ve put together our own version of the infamous “banana bag.” Our electrolyte fluid will get you back to a balanced state of hydration and our long-lasting non-narcotic pain reliever will get rid of your headache. That queasy feeling? We’ve added a potent anti-nausea medication to get you on with your day and feeling like yourself again. Disclaimer: We cannot fix energy due to lack of sleep. The reason is, that alcohol blocks REM sleep required for mental clarity. We also do not promise a “hangover cure” or “instant sobriety.” What we can do is get you back to being hydrated and fix symptoms related to headache and nausea.

Wellness Infusion

Get Your Vitamins!
Receive an all-natural reboot! By receiving vitamins and nutrients in your bloodstream, it allows for 100% absorption with minimal side effects. Something you can’t receive from taking a daily vitamin. This IV therapy is similar to the famous “Meyer’s Cocktail,” but customized with doses to overcome vitamin deficiencies. We recommend this for recurrent colds/flu, seasonal allergies, fatigue, mood elevation, stress, digestion and basic health.

MD Blend Therapy

Get Customized!
Design an IV therapy for your body’s needs. Our staff of medical professionals will consult and work together with your primary care doctor to attain your health goals and reduce your debilitating symptoms.

Fitness Recovery

Get Moving!
Now you can choose to recover! The purpose of this hydrating IV therapy is to improve recovery from a strenuous workout and encourage muscle recovery. The IV fluid composition in this particular IV therapy has the addition of potassium and glucose to aid in the prevention of lactic acid build up and provide food for your muscles to help them recover faster. Minimal down time is our goal with added B vitamins to boost your energy level to keep pushing through.

Festival Prep

Get Your Groove On!
Boost your energy for the days and full nights ahead! This IV therapy focuses on exactly what you need during a festival: energy, immune and liver support for alcohol consumption and/or “fair food.

Stress Rescue

Get Relaxed!
Calm your stress and boost your health naturally! When you’re physically stressed you increase your stress hormones (Cortisol), which can lead to hypertension, belly weight gain, low mood and fatigue. Our mood elevation and calming vitamins combine to mellow out your stress and get a handle on it.

High Dose Vitamin C

Get Your Vitamin C!
Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory, potent antioxidant and most importantly, supports the immune system. | TOP 5 BENEFITS OF VITAMIN C: 1-Natural Anti-Inflammatory 2-Battle Chronic Fatigue and Low Mood 3-Allergy and Immune Support 4-Natural Sunscreen: Absorption of harmful UV Rays 5-Skin Tightening and Hydration

Monthly Relief

Get happy!
Take back control and feel like yourself again! When that time of the month comes around, The Hydration Room is here to help with cramping, fatigue, irritability, anger, food cravings and bloating. You’ll receive vitamins for mood stabilization, improved energy and pain control during your monthly cycle.

Jet Lag Revival

Get Back On Your Game!
Get acclimated quicker! The key ingredient to treat and prevent jet lag is fluid. We help with dehydration symptoms with the infusion of fluid with electrolytes to alleviate this aspect of jet lag. We help alleviate neck and/or back pain from a long day of traveling by including a long-lasting non-narcotic pain reliever. Finally, we help with daytime fatigue using our proprietary blend of B vitamins and high dose IV immune support to protect you from getting sick upon your return home.