Mobile IV Therapy During COVID-19

With concerns about the spread of coronavirus today, many are worried about their health. What can you do to boost your immune system and give yourself the best chance against such a virus?

Powerful IV therapy has been used for some time now. It can boost the immune system and aid in the recovery of a wide range of illnesses and ailments. More and more people are turning to this method of therapy not just because of the recent emergence of Covid-19 but for the many important benefits it offers.

The best part? Now thanks to mobile IV therapy services, this powerful therapy can be delivered in-home to you.


Fast effective therapy

Intravenous therapy (IV) is a method of therapy that delivers fluids with important nutrients directly into the bloodstream through a vein. IV therapy is used to administer hydration electrolytes, medications, minerals, nutrients, and vitamins to patients quickly. It’s a therapy method that’s used not only to treat a wide array of health issues but also for beauty and overall fitness reasons too.

IV therapy provides a means of delivery that allows the body to get the most out of the nutrients administered. And it’s efficient.

Medications and nutrients orally ingested first are processed and broken down by the digestive system. The problem with the method is that as much as 50% of the nutrients are lost in that process. When delivered by IV, up to 100% absorption may be possible. Medications, nutrients, and hydration solutions are safely sent directly into the bloodstream for rapid maximum benefit.


Can IV therapy help with viral infections like Covid-19?

Medical experts are learning more about Covid-19 every day. We don’t know everything about the virus right now. However, IV therapy can boost your immune system.

Your immune system protects your body from outside agents like bacteria, fungi, toxins, and viruses. To function properly, the immune system requires a good diet, exercise, hydration, sleep, and more. If your immune system isn’t in top shape because of a lack in any of those areas, or because of a recent illness or injury, you may be more susceptible to a viral or bacterial infection.

IV therapy can’t prevent you from contract any virus. It can empower your body’s immune system to fight it.

With a wide range of mobile IV therapies, including custom solutions, treatments are customized for the individual. If you’re struggling with insomnia or could use an infusion of key nutrients, IV therapy can be of great benefit. IV therapy treatments can do far more than boost your immune system. It can help you get quality sleep, reduce anxiety levels, and strengthen the body so it has the best chance to fight off infection.


Mobile IV therapy that comes to you

If you’ve recently been ill, you may not be able to leave your bed. With social distancing and other protective measures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may have concerns about potential exposure in leaving your home. Maybe you just want to experience a mobile IV therapy in the comfort of your own home.

With mobile IV therapy, the treatment can be brought to you.

There aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions for the common cold, flu, or viral infections. It affects everyone differently. Much depends on their current physical state. Most experience symptoms like dehydration, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

By providing hydration with essential nutrients through IV therapy, you can speed up your recovery and give your immune system a much-needed boost. And you don’t have to wait for an appointment or until you’re well enough to venture out. This vital treatment can be delivered to you in-home for symptom relief or a much-needed boost when you need it.

Enjoy a mobile IV Therapy from the comfort of your home, at your next event or in your office for you and your employees.

Mobile IV Therapy is perfect for those times when you’re too sick to leave bed, to travel or just want to experience our customized IV’s outside of our clinic setting.

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