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404 Westminster AVE Suite #4  

Newport Beach, CA  92663

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1617 Westcliff Dr. Suite #105

Newport Beach, CA  92660

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31542 S. Coast HWY Suite #4  

Laguna Beach, CA  92651

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Orange County’s first IV Therapy clinic

The Hydration Room was established in December 2014 by board certified Anesthesiologist Dr. Florie, MD, DO. The Hydration Room successfully integrates both allopathic and naturopathic medicine into customized vitamin injection and IV therapies. Providing personalized care for patients across Southern California in a relaxing environment, The Hydration Room is the future of preventative health care.

Top Ten Reasons for IV and Injection Therapy

at The Hydration Room

Chronic Fatigue

Immune Support

Improving Sleep Quality

Cold and Flu Remedy

Reducing Stress

Fitness Recovery

Acute and Chronic Pain

Severe Dehydration

Malabsorption & GI Health

Migraine & Headache Therapy

What Our Patients Are Saying…

about The Hydration Room

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  • "Despite my exhausting travel schedule, my energy is good and I have not been sick one time this year"

  • "Within 48 hours I was completely symptom free and energized for my trip.”

  • "I have been seeing the world as ‘glass half-full’ for days after receiving an IV therapy. “

  • "Amazing, top-notch service here for when you're looking to refresh."



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