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The Hydration Room is Orange County's first medical infusion clinic, established in December 2014 by two board certified Anesthesiologists.
Dr. Bales, MD and Dr. Florie, DO, MD

Here at The Hydration Room we specialize in IV and injection therapies to promote health and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. The Hydration Room successfully integrates both allopathic and naturopathic medicine to provide the best care for their patients.

Our Mission :
Hydrate and Educate

As Anesthesiologists, the founders of The Hydration Room, Drs. Bales and Florie, realize that patients in Southern California are in a “State of Chronic Dehydration”. Our Mission at The Hydration Room is to first, have our patients experience a true balanced state of hydration through IV therapy. Then, educate our patients on how to properly and effectively integrate an oral hydration regiment into their daily life. It is also essential to realize when you need help with hydration: Increased metabolic states or the inability to tolerate oral fluids! This includes: Enduring a cold or flu, intense fitness or athletic performance, migraines, malabsorption diseases, cancer or chronic immune related diseases. Staying adequately hydrated will keep you healthy and out of the ER. The key to health is adequate hydration! Water is essential in transporting nutrients, aiding in proper digestion, regulating temperature and appropriate electrolyte and osmolality of your body’s intracellular fluid composition.

How do you know if you are drinking enough water? If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Come into The Hydration Room, receive one of our proprietary blend IV therapies and feel what it is like to be truly hydrated.

Most Popular Therapies

  • Hydration Refresh

    Designed for those who cannot hydrate orally due to medications, chronic conditions, surgery or just cannot keep up due to lifestyle. Let us get you to a state of balance...

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  • Anti-Stress Shot

    Get a boost of GABA to calm nerve impulses in your brain to promote a greater sense of peacefulness, reduce irritability and associated emotional fatigue.

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  • Energy Boost

    Hydration therapy, mixed with our proprietary blend of essential, custom dosed B vitamins, designed to give you extra alertness for days. Feeling run down after a long wo...

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  • Stress Rescue

    Sometimes we try to do it all. Are you “running on fumes”? This hydrating therapy aims to relax your mind, maintain immune health, increase serotonin/dopamine levels...

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  • Cold and Flu Remedy

    Helps you fight off a cold or flu by improving your hydration status with IV fluids, pain relief with potent medications and an immune system boost with high-dose zinc an...

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  • Fitness Recovery

    The physicians at The Hydration Room are Anesthesiologists, who's scope of practice includes fluid resuscitation, acute and chronic pain management. Who better to help yo...

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  • Pre Game Hyper-Hydration

    Get race or game ready with a boost of energy! Improve your hydration status and reduce cramping. Feel what IV fluid hyper-hydration can do for you the day before race or...

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  • B12 Boost

    A boost of high dose B12 to help with chronic fatigue, general sluggishness or decreased alertness due to B12 deficiency, increase life demands, new stressors or poor die...

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